Plan of the student’s independent work

Term: IV 05.(07) 05.20220

Lesson № 62, 63


The Theme of the lesson: Is sport exciting or dangerous? (TV Sports fans)

Lesson objectives:

Aim: The students will be able to speak about sport in Britain and Kazakhstan.

Planned activities.

Task 1. Распредели предложения в две группы: Good sides and Bad sides.

Sport is good, because: Sport is bad, because:

It makes us strong and fast. It needs to work very hard. It teaches you to be disciplined.

Sport helps to meet people. It helps to keep fit. Sport can be unfair. It’s not very useful.

Sport helps to support health and prevents from illness. It builds character. It teaches us

to loose and to win. Sport gives you a chance to acquire self – confidence. You have no

friends, only rivals. Sport helps you to overcome difficulties. Sport helps people to stay in

good shape. Sport allows even disabled people to make friends with a number of people.

It takes a lot of energy and time. Sport is dangerous. We have no time to walk with

friends. It causes lot injuries. We can break legs and arms. It makes you unhappy, when

you lose.

Task 2. Complete the diagram.

Sport in Britain Both countries Sport in Kazakhstan

Cricket. Swimming. Basketball. Squash. Football. Volleyball. Rugby. Tennis. Boxing.

Netball. Horse racing. Gymnastics. Curling. Cycling. Figure skating. Croquet.

Yachting. Skiing. Moto racing. Weightlifting. Badminton. Wrestling.

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Plan of the student’s independent workTerm: IV 05.(07) 05.20220Lesson № 62, 63 дамThe Theme of the l...

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