1. Choose the right variant.
1. I … for you since seven o’clock. Why are you so late?
a) have been waiting c) have been waited
b) has been wait d) waited
2. Sorry. I ... one of your glasses.
a) have broken c) have been broken
b) have been breaking d) have breaking
3. Look what Pat ... me for my birthday! A bike!
a) gave c) have been giving
b) has been giving d) has given
4. She’s tired because she ... all day.
a) have been shopping c) had been shopping
b) has been shopping d) did been shopping
5. Anna ... a good job.
a) finds c) founded
b) has found d) has been finding
2. Выбери модальные глаголы, соответствующие пропускам
1. Do you … clean the house every day or every week?
had to have have to must
2. I … help you with your shopping because you have a lot of bags.
Thought thought to ought to ought
3. I may … go to Paris next week because there is a very big exhibition there.
Had have have to had to
4. Teresa … believe her eyes. She saw a man beating his wife on the street!
Should couldn't could must
5. If you choose a bold color for your walls, you … choose some soft, neutral accent pieces in order to create a balanced feeling in the room.
will be won't shall have should
3. Напишите предложения в страдательном залоге, раскройте глаголы из скобок в нужном времени
1. The rubbish (already/collect) when I left for work.
2. Our exam (not/mark) yet.
3. Millions of cars (export) from Japan every year.
4. Halloween (celebrate), today is October, 31st
5. The police (call) and they arrived very quickly.
6. A new hospital (open) in this area next month.
4. Вставьте is/are, was/were, had been:
1. I … told there … a beautiful forest here earlier.
2. My mother asked why they … shouting.
3. The policeman said the man … lying.
4. They told me they … going to a meeting.
5. Раскройте глагол из скобок и напишите его в инфинитиве или с –ing формой
1. It's no use (talk) to Bob; he won't change his mind.
2.She will (return) the books next weekend.
3. It was good of you (help) me fix my bicycle.
4. The man suggested (call) the police in, to investigate.
5. I can't get used to (live) in such a hot country.
6. Прочитайте тексты и выберите заглавия к каждому тексту, одно заглавие лишнее.
A. The vitamins make your bones hard.
B. Healthy food.
C. You can’t live without food.
D. Vitamins and the ABC.
E. Tastes differ.
1. Eating is fun, especially when you are hungry. Most people have a favorite food. Some people enjoy eating sweet things like cakes, chocolates and ice cream. Other people enjoy savory foods like cheese and meet. Enjoying eating is our body’s way of making sure that it gets the things it needs to work properly.
2. Food helps us to keep warm, gives us the energy to walk, talk, run and do all the other things we do. It helps us to grow and stay healthy.
3.Vitamins also help us to be healthy. Scientists name vitamins after the letters of the alphabet. All of them are very important, for example: vitamin C keeps our skin and gums healthy. It is found in fresh fruit and green vegetables, such as oranges, blackcurrants, lettuce. Brussels sprouts and spinach also contain a lot of vitamin C.
4.Vitamin D helps our bones to grow strong and hard, and we are able to make it for ourselves if our skin gets enough sunlight. But we can also get vitamin D if we eat fish, milk, butter, cheese and margarine. Some people buy pills or tablets vitamins. But most of us get more than enough of them from our food.
7. Выберите соответствия к текстам True (T) or False (F).
1. When you have a toothache, you go to the dentist.
2. Sick people don’t stay in bed if they’ve got flu.
3. People usually go to the doctor when they feel well.
4. If you get wet on a cold day, you might get a cold.
5. We seldom cough when we’ve got a cold.
6. A pharmacy is a shop where medicines are sold.
7. If I run fast, I might get a backache.
8. If a student has got a sore throat he shouldn’t miss school.

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