Date 22/05 9 Form
Writing Test
Term 11
I. Choose the correct tense form. (3 points)
1 This time next month I (will swim/will be swimming) in the Black Sea
2 He (had been working/had worked) as a vet for 5 years before he became a zookeeper
3 My friend (was laughing/had laughed) as she was looking at the picture
4 George says that he will sleep/is going to sleep) after supper
5. The stadium was empty except for two sportsmen who (waited/were waiting for their
6. Had you already (passed/been passing) the exams when the summer came?
II. Complete the sentences by changing the form of the verb in brackets (Use the Past
Perfect or Past Simple Tense) (3 points)
1 Before she (go)
to bed, she turn off)
the TV set
2 1 (not/eat)
at the party because I (eat)
at home
3 After she (finish)
the test she (go out)
4. Mary (read)
the novel after she (see)
the film
5 The mother already (clean)
the house when the guests
6. They have breakfast)
before their children (get
III. Choose the correct item to complete the sentences. (2 points)
1 Matt is the boy which/whose father is a teacher
2 Each/ All the countries in Europe are excited about the Football World Cup
3. There is too much/a few darkness in this painting, don't you think?
4. Nicole used to take/ takes ballet classes.
IV. Write a letter to your friend about your relations with parents. What helps you to get on
well with them? ( 100-150 words) (4 points)
виконайте будь ласка​

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NameDate 22/05 9 FormWriting TestTerm 11V-1I. Choose the correct tense form. (3 points)1 This time n...

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