1. There are few lakes in Scotland.

2. The lake is very deep.

3. There have always been lots of stories about beasts in the water in Scotland.

4. St. Columba took the first photo of the monster.

5. St. Columba returned from the evening service, when he saw the monster.

6. The modern legend of Loch Ness dates back to 1953.

7. Loch Ness is a famous tourist attraction.

8. If you see St. Columba, you will be rich.

9. Newspapers pay a lot of money for the pictures of Nessie.

10. Robert Wilson was a colonel.

11. Some people believe that Nessie may be a marine dinosaur.

12. Dan Taylor saw the monster in the depth of the lake, but it was too dark and he couldn't take a photo.
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there are a great amount of lakes in Scotland the Scots can speak both English and Scottish sue the quasi lakes looks it is a Scottish
Gaelic word lockness is a large lake in northern Scotland it is very deep the average depth of the lake is 400 metters there have always been lots of stories in Scotland about beasts in the water and lockness especially became famous after meeting with many people at least they confirm so st. Columba made is a first written reference to him monster in Loch nice in the Year 565 one day he returned from the morning service and while passing by the lake he saw a large Beast the monster was in the lake and was attaking a man who am swimming in the lake st. Columba couldn't help that man in the water but he prayed and the monster left his victim the man was saved the modern legend of Loch Ness deals back to a newspaper article in 1993 since then a monster has been a media favorite look nice is famous tourist attraction tourists come here with camera and hope to take a picture of nice with the name of a monster if anyone who finds a photograph missing she will bacome very rich bacause newspapers pay a lot of money for these photos in 1934 can Robert Wilson who was a surgeon took the most famous for to ethnicity but after many years one the Wilson's free and said that the monster was in fact a toy submarine some people believe that miss may be a marine dinosaur such animals had small heads long necks and were good swimmers over tne years a lot of people have been trying to find nice but nobody has proved that the Monster is real gentle er who was American King to look nice with a small underwater craft people call it a yellow submarine the craft had equipment to hunt for Anisa but dantella had problems with his craft and he failed to catch Nessie soon if you go to Scotland to watch you monster don't forget to take your camera

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True/False 1. There are few lakes in Scotland. 2. The lake is very deep. 3. There have always been...

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