Нужно на завтра!
II. Filling in the gaps:
a famous
b) named c) main
d) worth e) caves
f) buried
g) meeting
h) hill
i) sightseeing j) known
1. The most popular places for in Kyiv are churches and cathedrals.
2. This art gallery is really visiting
3. What is the street in Kyiv?
4. The most popular place is Maydan Nezalezhnosti.
5. Standing on the ... of the square you can see the domes of the church.
6. This place is
as the centre of learning and culture.
7. A lot of famous Ukrainians are ... here.
8. Firstly, I'd like to explore the of this building
9. Who was this cathedral after?
10. What is this place

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Нужно на завтра!II. Filling in the gaps:a famousb) named c) maind) worth e) cavesf) buriedg) meeting...

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