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Hello! I'm Maggie. This is my house. It's very comfortable. In my house, there are two floors.
Downstairs there is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a hall. Upstairs there are three
bedrooms, my parents' bedroom with a private bathroom, my brother's bedroom and
mine. There is another bathroom on the left. Outside the house, there is a garage, where my
father parks his cars and where I keep my bicycle. There is a small garden in front of
the house too.
The most important room in the house is my bedroom, of course. It's rather big and has a lot
of furniture. There is a big bed in the middle, a wardrobe and a carpet on the floor. But there
are no bedside tables. There's only one small problem: I must share it with my sister, Cathy.
She is thirteen years old and she makes a lot of noise when her friends come. I also like the
kitchen. It's always full of tasty food such as chips, hamburgers, cookies, and ice-cream. When
I'm hungry I always go there.
In the family there are:
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no children
four children
two children
three children​

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